Solo Instrument & chamber music

Application to the VIAF festival is open to young musicians of all nations below the age of 26. A maximum of 10% of the participants may be between 26 and 30 years of age


In the Competition choirs take part in the following program:

  • The opening ceremony
  • 1 performance before the jury
  • If chosen by the jury: concert in the evening Gala Winners’ Concert
  • Piano
  • Strings (Violin – Viola – Cello – Double Bass)
  • Woodwinds ; Brass (Flute – Oboe – Clarinet – Bassoon Trumpet – French Horn –  Trombone – Saxophone)
  • Chamber Music (Duos;  Trios; Quartets ; up to ten)

Age category and time limits

A    up to the age of 8            5-7 Mins

B     9-12  years                     7-10 Mins

C    13-15 years                    8-12 Mins

D    16-18 years                    12-15 Mins

E    19-26 years                    15-20 Mins

  • The repertoire presented must be within the grasp of the player, with respect to both the technical and the musical aspects of the piece.
  • we recommend choosing from the rich repertoire of the baroque, early classical, classical, romantic, and contemporary periods.
  • In each performance, there must be 2 original pieces, or 1 original piece and 1 arrangement. The two pieces must be from different musical periods e.g. one baroque piece and one contemporary; or one classical and one romantic.
  • In the “chamber music“ category, reading is allowed, although the pieces also have to be selected from different musical periods, as described above.
  • The specified time limits must be adhered of the competition.

A jury of international music experts will evaluate The Champions Competition.


Number of points: 100

Certificate of Successful Participation in the VIAF  1 – 40 Points

Bronze Medal = 40.01 – 60 Points

Silver Medal = 60.01 – 80 Points

Gold Medal = 80.01 – 100 Points


The jury may award special prizes for outstanding performances and unique presentations


  • 1-2 pieces of the solo and Chamber music choice
  • perform before a panel of qualified international jurors who provide immediate positive artistic and pedagogical feedback
  • certificates of participation are awarded, as well as evaluation ratings and  recommendation
  • Performance time maximum 15 minutes

Program Perform in concert together with other international musician VIAF

Perform in concert together with other international musician in and around Wien. Friendship Concerts give musician the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and to provide enjoyable entertainment and time in a friendly atmosphere. We advise you to select your program in this spirit.

solo and chamber music may opt to participate in Friendship Concerts ONLY.


between the 16nd and 19th of July 2019.

Participants of different skill level can attend 4 days’ master classes delivered by the professors who are European instrumental performance specialists (piano, violin, and other musical instruments). The classes are held every day both within a group (1 hour) and as individual lessons (half an hour).

In addition to the centuries-old Viennese musical tradition of having the finest performers play on its stages, the last years have given rise to a new tradition, which may be seen as equally important: to invite master performers with an international reputation to pass on their skill and knowledge, their professionalism and experience in the form of seminars, courses and master classes. Vienna Internationa Arts Festival offers master classes for professionals and students – children and adults who wish to perfect their performance in many specialties.

The master classes are aimed at musicians and amateurs with some background of musical education. The participants will learn about the basics of different musical styles, the repertoire of the Austrian composers and the traditions of Viennese musical culture. There will be a possibility to get acquainted with the principles of stage performance in theory and practice, to learn new exercises for technique building, sound development, hand positions and posture, expression and stage presence, as well as many inspirations for the interpretation of musical works.

The master classes are divided into different age groups:

students from 6- 12 years
young performers from 13- 18 years
musicians from 19- 25 years

For the duration of the master class, individual lessons and lessons in small groups (up to 6 students) are offered. Practice rooms for individual practice, preparation and warm – up will be provided for the participants.

Masterclass  fee:  480 Euro

Application Fee

Solo – 90 Euro
Duos – 90 Euro/performer
Trios or larger ensembles – 45 Euro/performer

This amount is due on registration and is non-refundable.