Solo Instrument & chamber music

Rules & Conditions

Application to the VIAF festival is open to young musicians of all nations below the age of 28. A maximum of 10% of the participants may be between 28 and 35 years of age.


The competition consists of the following program:

  • The opening ceremony
  • 1 performance before the jury
  • If chosen by the jury: Concert in the evening Charity Gala Award Concert
  • Piano
  • Strings (Violin – Viola – Cello – Double Bass)
  • Woodwinds ; Brass (Flute – Oboe – Clarinet – Bassoon Trumpet – French Horn –  Trombone – Saxophone)
  • Chamber Music (Duos;  Trios; Quartets ; up to ten)

Age category and time limits

A    up to the age of 8            5-7 minutes

B     9-12  years                     7-10 minutes

C    13-15 years                    8-12 minutes

D    16-18 years                    12-15 minutes

E    19-27 years                    15-20 Mins

  • The repertoire presented must be within the grasp of the player, with respect to both the technical and the musical aspects of the piece.
  • We recommend choosing from the rich repertoire of the baroque, early classical, classical, romantic, and contemporary periods.
  • In each performance, there must be 2 original pieces, or 1 original piece and 1 arrangement. The two pieces must be from different musical periods e.g. one baroque piece and one contemporary; or one classical and one romantic.
  • In the “chamber music“ category, reading is allowed, although the pieces also have to be selected from different musical periods, as described above.
  • The specified time limits must be adhered to in the competition.

A jury of international music experts will evaluate the performances.


Number of points: 100

Certificate of Successful Participation in the VIAF  1 – 40 Points

Bronze Medal = 40.01 – 60 Points

Silver Medal = 60.01 – 80 Points

Gold Medal = 80.01 – 100 Points


The jury may award special prizes for outstanding performances and unique presentations


  • 1-2 pieces of solo and chamber music of your choice choice
  • Perform before a panel of qualified international jurors who provide immediate positive artistic and pedagogical feedback
  • Performance time: Max. 15 minutes

Application Fee

Solo: – 90 Euro
Duos: – 90 Euro/performer
Trios or larger ensembles: – 45 Euro/performer

This amount is due on registration and is non-refundable.

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