Sasha  Danilov. . . Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova, a brilliant modern master of clarinet, has acquired popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. Born October 29, 1976  in  Tiraspol (Moldova). He graduated from music school accordion and the College of Music in clarinet class. In 1995 he entered the Academy of Music in   Kishinev.  In the  period from 1998 to 2000 – a soloist of Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra of Moldova.  Along with classical music since 1996, began to study jazz.
In 2000 has finished ACADEMY OF MUSIC and in 2005 POSTUNIVERSITY at the Department of chamber ensemble .  2010 graduate  ACADEMY OF PUBLIC  ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA  specialization  Constitutional and Administrative Law. Has been the  MASTER  DEGREE  IN  LOW.
Since 2000, the concertmaster, and since 2006 – Head of the PRESIDENTIAL ORCHESTRA OF   MOLDOVA. Since 2002 working at the  ACADEMY  OF  MUSIC  teacher at the Department of chamber ensemble . In May 2000, Sasha Danilov recorded the album “SKYLARK” the group “DULCIMER GROOVE” (USA) and in 2005 company “EUROCLASS” (Moscow), was released on CD with concert performances “KLEZMER FROM BASSARABIA“. Participated in on tour in the V-Moscow International Festival of Arts  S. Mikhoels (February 2004).Winner of the International Music Award “GOLDEN HANUKIA” (Germany, Berlin November 2004), SPECIAL  PRIZE at the International Competition. L. Solnce (Tatarstan, Kazan December – 2004). In September 2004, he taught and participated in the Second International Festival “THE MUSICIANS  RAFT  BETWEEN   NEW – YORK  AND  SEJNY” (Poland and Lithuania). “SPECIAL GUEST” on the international festival “AUGARTEN INTERGALAKTISCHE” (Austria, Vienna, September 2005). Annually conducts master classes in “VOLKSINSTITUT” (Vienna, Austria). Soloist Ensemble “IMPETUS” (Austria, Vienna). GUEST OF HONOR  of international festivals “DONAFEST” (Moscow 2005-2009). The teacher of master classes at the second International Festival “KLEZVIENNA“, 2005 “(Austria, June 2005),” YDDISH SUMMER WEIMAR(Germany 2006,2009), “KLEZKANADA” (Canada 2007). He has given concerts at the International Festival “MUSEUM`S NIGHT “(Austria, Vienna 2007), International Chamber Music Festival” ALLEGRO –VIVO “(Austria, Horn 09. 08 – 20. 09. 2009). International Festival of Arts “SLAVIC  BAZAAR  IN VITEBSK” (Belarusian  09.07.2013). International Festival “NEW  WAVE”  (Latvian, Jurmala 11.08.2013)
Since 2014 lives and works in Vienna.
2015 – in cooperation with Roman Grinberg founded “VIENNA KLEZMER ACADEMY.
Since 2015 – conductor of “VIENNA KLEZMER ORCHESTRA.
Since 2016 – Professor at the  Franz Schubert Conservatory in Vienna.  
Seit 2016 – Professor des Franzschubertkonservatoriums  in Wien.
Given concerts in the cities of Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova,  Byelorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Tatarstan, of Romania, Hungary, France, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Germany, Poland, The Jewish autonomous Oblast, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Belgium, the USA, Mexico, Venezuela and Canada.