Vienna International Choir Competition
14th - 18th July 2020




VICC invites amateure choirs from all over the world for the festival. Apart from the conductor the members must not be professionals or get income with singing. The choir can have 8 to 46 members (conductor and répétiteur excluded)



  • 14th-16th July 2020: masterclasses  

  • 17th July 2020: competition

  • 18th July 2020: public Gala concert



A: Children's choir (boys and girls between 8 and 12 years old)

B: Youth’s choir (girls and boys between 13 and 18 years old)

C: Choir of young adults (women and men between 19 and 27 years old)

D: Adult’s choir (men and women from 28 years)



Each group can decide between two levels:


Level I: intermediate level

  • optionally with instrumentalists, max. 10 min

  • programm: Musical, Hits from Pop/Jazz standards, Folk Music

  • 2 pieces from different genres and styles, one piece from your home country preferred

Level II: advanced level 

  • a cappella, max. 10 min

  • 3 different pieces from:

  1. Renaissance (obligatory)
  2. Contemporary piece (obligatory)
  3. Piece of free choice



Conditions: Successful application procedure, sufficient English skills (being able to understand the conductors suggestions and apply them)

  • online on up to the 30th April 2020 (please state in the application which age group and level you want to apply for)

  • send application folder and 1-2 audio or video recordings up to the 30th April 2020 to


The portfolio must contain the following information:

- Origin of the choir

- Range of age

- Number of singers

- Ability to sight-read

- Which repertoire (genres/styles) has been performed and practised so far

- In which languages have the choir sung already

- CV of the conductor


Audio or video recordings: 10-15 min. (in case of sending 2 recordings, please choose from two different genres and music periods)


Application FEE

application fee for each group : 260 €


* indicates required
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