Prof. Christian Dallinger

Prof. Christian Dallinger is born 1957 in Wels, Upper Austria.

He studied violin stage und violin teaching at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, in the class of Univ.Prof. Michael Frischenschlager.

He finished his studies with a diploma in violin teaching in 1982 and in violin stage in 1985.

Prof. Dallinger played in the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera from 1983 till 1991.

He is teaching violin (stage) at the University for Music and Performing Art in Vienna since 1990.

Masterclasses in Austria, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Canada etc.

The focus of teaching lies in the mental and physical area.

Through specific exercises to the student shall be achieved:

– better recognition of errors and opportunities for improvement and thereby achieving faster progress by practicing efficient,

– further development of understanding and interpretation of the musical text,

– reducing nervousness in performances

– and refining and development of technique on the instrument through the points before mentioned

Besides teaching his special interests lies in working on projects to get the youth interested in classical music and learning to play an instrument. He organized “Kids Play for Kids” (concerts performed by young musicians in primary-schools) together with the “European Cultural Initiative for The Young Generation” from 1995 until 2003.

He has been director of “Orchestra live” since 1999. “Orchestra live” holds workshops and concerts for orchestras in high-schools in Vienna.