Dramatic Soprano and Voice Teacher

Born and grew up in Hungary. She learnt to play piano at the age of 6 and received her first singing
lesson at the age of 14 from Márta Balatinecz at the Conservatory of Music and Arts in Pécs.
From 1999 she studied vocal technique and dramatic performance at the University of Music and
Performing Arts in Graz. In 2005 she gained her diploma with distinction. This was followed by
academic travel to St. Petersburg (USA) in order to fulfil her capabilities in "The Lamperti Bel Canto
Technique" under the supervision of Prof. Edward Crader.
In the same year the young soprano won 3rd prize in Vienna in the Vocal Competition "Classic
Mania" under the chair of the jury KS Gundula Janowitz including a prestigious scholarship to
Since 2005 Claudia Evans is a freelance opera singer specialising in Puccini, Verdi and Wagner and the
lead roles in operettas such as those of E. Kálmán and other relevant composers.
From 2015 at the Musikschule Triestingtal in Berndorf, Lower Austria.
Voice teacher and project leading for Children´s Opera-Performances in the role of Artistic Director
and Musical Production for the Stadttheater Berndorf.
In 2017 Claudia Evans led the role of Stage Director in and for the abstract outtake for children from
the opera „Hänsel and Gretel“ by E. Humperdinck – also undertaking the role of the witch.
In 2019 she had the opportunity in taking another lead singing role “Tenebra” and “Nebula” in “Die
Perle des Waldes”, a further Children´s Opera – written and composed as a premier by a renowned
composer in Lower Austria. Here again Claudia Evans was directly responsible for the production and
artistic direction.
Currently embarking on strategic artistic and partnership projects as responsible leader for
sponsoring and future music school alignment for 2022 in Stadttheater Berndorf.