• Application to the VIAF festival is open to young musicians of all nations below the age of 28. A maximum of 10% of the participants within a musical formation may be between 28 and 35 years of age. Conductors and piano players accompanying the choir are NOT subject to the age limit.
  • All non-professional choirs are welcome to compete in this event. With the exception of the conductors, all choir members must be amateurs, e.g. they are not allowed to earn their living from professional singing.


The competition consists of the following program:

  • Opening ceremony
  • 1 performance in front of the jury
  • If chosen by the jury: Concert in the evening Gala Winners’ Concert
  • 2 Workshops each 45 minutes: Program Rehearsal with an internationally acclaimed choral expert for stimulating artistic and interpretive guidance. For an effective rehearsal, choirs are asked to prepare one piece in advance.


A group consists of min. 8 to max. 46 musicians (excl. musical accompaniment and conductors)

A1:  Children’s choir (boys and girls up to the age of 12)

A2:     Youth’s choir (boys and girls up to the age of 18)
B:       men’s choir
C:       women’s choir
D:       mixed choir (male and female voices)

Program for the category A1/A2: Youth or children’s choir (Children and youth until 18) 

2 pieces that meet following criteria:

  • One piece by a composer born before 1950

OR one piece by a composer who is alive at the time of registration

  • One freely chosen piece

Singing time maximum 15 minutes

Program for the category B, C, and D (men’s choir, women’s choir and mixed choir)

2 pieces that meet following criteria:

  • One freely selected work by an Austrian composer

            OR one piece by a composer born before 1950

            OR one piece by a composer who is alive at the time of registration

  • One freely chosen piece

Singing time maximum 20 minutes

Jury: A jury of international music experts will evaluate the Champions Competition.



Number of points: 100

Certificate of Successful Participation in the VIAF =  1 – 40 Points

Bronze Medal = 40.01 – 60 Points

Silver Medal = 60.01 – 80 Points

Gold Medal = 80.01 – 100 Points

Special Prizes: The jury may award special prizes for outstanding performances and unique presentations.


PERFORMANCE  for non-competing choirs

  • Possibility of single performances or entire programs
  • No age limit
  • Different genres of music and performing
  • performance time maximum 15 min.


Registration for VIAF is only possible via the online application form. Application forms must be fully completed. Please submit until 31th May 2019.

Details for Application


  • Please send mp3, WAV, WMA with at least one (1) piece (preferably a cappella) not older than two years. Please write the titles and composers of the pieces as well as the date of recording.


  • Please send the biography in English as an editable text document (e.g. Word).


  • Please, make sure that it is suitable for reproduction (landscape format, .jpg or .bmp file – no PDF, min. 300 DPI, min. 12 x 7.5 cm). The picture should not be older than two years.


One piece can only be performed once. If participating in two or more categories, we kindly ask you to sing different pieces in each category.


At least one pitched instrument is used. In categories requiring a cappella selections instruments without definite pitch may be used (percussion instruments).


If you wish to change the key of a piece, please inform the organizer prior to the competition by email.


Actual singing time is the duration of the performance time. It excludes entrance, exit and applause. Participating choirs are asked not to sing the same piece in different categories. Please fill in a separate repertoire page for each category.


  1. Submit PDF-scores until the official application deadline. Five (5) copies are requested.
  2. If scores with titles and names of composers not written in the Roman alphabet, please write them clearly in Latin letters.
  3. Please note that published choral compositions may only be sung using original scores or authorized copies. The use of unauthorized copies or handwritten copies is not allowed.
  4. If your scores are published as a score book, we prefer you submit authorized copies.



The organizer reserves the right to make changes and amendments to the existing information material and/or the announcement in the event of unforeseen technical, organizational or artistic circumstances. The organizer also reserves the right to make changes to the program contents and schedule.

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