About VIAF

A warm welcome to the Vienna International Arts Festival, a platform offering young performers from all around the world the opportunity to express their talent through different categories of music and dance. 

The Vienna International Arts Festival is organised in Vienna by the Austrian New Century Culture Exchange Association and the European Dance Association (member of the international CID UNESCO – International Dance Council), founded in 2013 and 2016, respectively. Both organiaations operate with members from Europe and Asia with full engagement in the exchange between their cultures and arts. Therefore, the Non-profit organizations want to draw the global culture closer by accomplishing a better understanding through art, music and dance. Besides, their aim is to connect institutions and artists from all around the world for further education and training. Members are assisted to find schools and are provided with scholarships.

The bright motivation of the Festival is to present the cultural traditions of different countries and regions, and to give the participants the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange cultural opinions and ideas. Close communication can strengthen people’s adequate understanding of other cultures, develop a tolerant attitude towards cultural differences and respect for ethnic peculiarities with their unique forms of self-expression and artistic realisation. It can also establish and strengthen international contacts with near- and far-abroad countries and resume cultural exchange.

Our workshops, master classes, seminars, training session and rehearsals are conducted and led by renowned and highly qualified authorities in their professional fields. Together they form an ideal platform for intercultural communication and the exchange of ideas. 

Both organisations have already successfully arranged the 7th and 8th International Ballet and Modern Dance Competitions in 2014 and 2019, respectively. Additionally, in 2019, the 1st Vienna International Solo Instrument,  Chamber music & Voice Competition was launched. Together with these two fields, the VIAF introduces you to two more: The Vienna International Choir Competition and The Vienna International Folk Dance Festival, commencing from 2020. We are herewith delighted to welcome upcoming performing artists participating in the next Vienna International Festival with exquisite shows and performances. 


Sophia Li                                                           

President and VIAF Organiser                                      


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