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维也纳国际民间舞蹈节的宗旨是通过聚集不同民族,不同文化的团队进行交流。 我们为全球成员提供了机会,以他们独特的自我表现形式以及通过舞蹈和音乐实现的艺术表现,对文化差异形成宽容的态度,并尊重族裔的特殊性。





JULY 16TH-17TH 2020

Workshops will take place at the MuK (Music and Arts, university of the city of Vienna). 

Schedule will come soon.


JULY 18TH  2020 

All Folk Dance groups receive the chance to present their traditional folk / ethnic dances on stage at the MuTh theatre in Vienna infront of the audience and jury, who will be choosing two groups to perform at the award gala. 


JULY 19TH 2020

The Vienna International Folk Dance Festival  will be offering 2 selected folk dance groups to perform at the Award Gala of  The 9th Vienna International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition on July 19th 2020. Groups are selected by an international reoewned jury the day before on the performance day