Winners 2019

Category A1

Children age 8-12
1st prize: 107, Maya Sichanova/ Bulgaria
2nd Prize: 118, Zaélie Charbonneau/ Canada
3rd Prize: 113, Xiyi Zheng/ China

Junior age 13-15
1st prize: 103, Hengle Yong/ China
2nd Prize:  Yumeng Ye/ China
3rd Prize: Xinrui Xie/ China

Junior II age 16-24
1st prize:  105, Kokoro Fukui/ Japan
2nd Prize:  401, Eduarda Grillo/ Canada
3rd Prize: Rosalie Rousseau/Canada

Category A2

2nd Prize: 151 Midsummer/ China Dance & Arts Calculation USA
3rd Prize: 152 Autumn / Shenzhen Twelve Months Dance China

Category B1


1st prize: 204, Jiayi Li/ China
2nd Prize: 224, Nina Cagnin/ Austria
3rd Prize: Yun Zhu/ China

1st prize: Si Heon Jeong/ Korea
2nd Prize: Yuhan Fa/ China
3rd Prize: Xiewen Liu/ China

Category B2

1st prize:  275, Franziska Nagy/ Hungary
2nd Prize: 263, Magdalina Andritcaia/ Maldova
3rd Prize: 253, Gesztenye Botos/ Hungary
3rd Prize: 274, Diana Zinchenko/ Austria

1st prize: 265, Hang Li/ China
2nd Prize:  271, Zdanschi Sergiu/ Maldova
3rd Prize: 364, Breahna Jan/ Maldova
3rd Prize: 266, Kaining Dong/ China

Category C1

1st Prize: 310, Yating Liu/ China
2nd Prize: 301, Anna Bujdosó/ Hungary

2nd Prize: 311, Hang Li/ China
3rd Prize: 314, Daichi Uematsu/ Hungary

Category C2

1st Prize: 353, Zhejiang Conversatory of Music/ China
1st Prize: 351, Ballet Studio Mai/ Japan

Category D1

1st Prize: 403, Prisca Zeisel/ Austria
2nd Prize: 412, Joo Mi Jang/ Korea
3rd Prize: 405, Zhanna Tevosyan/ Armenia
3rd Prize: 410, Jung Bin Huh/ Korea

1st Prize: 408, Seung woo Shin/ Korea

Category D2

1st Prize: 502,  Yoo Mi Jang Seung and Woo Shin, Korea 
2nd Prize: 501, Luisa Solowjowa, Robert Hyland/ Austria

Category E1

Outstanding performance:

211 Sophie Schippani/ Austria

Category E2

552-Frog- outstanding performance/ Macau

Special Prices:

Scholarship from Sawaka Haruyama:

224 Nina Cagnin / Austria

403 Prisca Zeisel/ Austria

412 Joo Mi Jang/ Korea

Scholarship from Renato Zanella: 

310, Yating Liu/ China (4 years-modern contemporary)

Scholarship from György Szakaly (Hungarian Dance Academy);

Summer course

Karl Musil Prize: 

267 Victor Cagnin/ Austria

Fanny Elßler Prize :

403, Prisca Zeisel/ Austria


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