Welcome to VIAF 2019


Are you a musician or dancer and looking for new artistic experiences? From the 15th - 21st of July, Vienna will once again turn into a cultural firework. Join us in a stimulating celebration of dance and music!


VIAF is hosting the "8th Vienna International Ballet & Modern Dance Competition", as well as the first Vienna International Music Competition. The competition for soloists and chamber musicians will be held in the "Kaisersaal" of the so-called "Klaviergalerie". For dancers, the competition takes place in the prestigious "MuTh" Theater - concert hall of the Vienna boys' choir - and will be judged by a selection of top international well known and respected professionals. The winners will present their work at the Charity Gala Award Concert.


At VIAF, you can apply for a performance, independent of the competition. Chamber musicians, ensembles, orchestras and choirs are welcomed in our Festival Concert or the Gala event. The program can vary from one single piece to a broader program. Either way, VIAF offers a unique opportunity to perform on one of the most magnificent stages of Vienna. 

Masterclasses for Ballet and Modern Dance

As part of the festival, master classes and workshops offer a range of continuing education and training opportunities, which are led by renowned, highly qualified professionals. We want to highlight the master classes and workshops for ballet, modern dance and folk-dance. These unique classes are held at the "Music and Art University Vienna" (MUK).

Masterclasses for Solo and Chamber music

The masterclasses are aimed at amateurs, music students as well as professionals, who want the enrich their musical knowledge and interpretation skills. Together with renowned professors and teachers, you will elaborate musical aspects of the pieces you choose and prepare for your masterclass. The masterclasses are being held for the first time as part of the Vienna International Arts Festival. They will take place in the "Klaviergalerie" in Vienna. 

Contributors for the music program

Prof. Elena Tolstykh

Jury president & Masterclass for piano

Dr. Adilia Alieva


International Concert Pianiste



Mag. Rudolf Nekvasil

JURY flutist

Agnieszka Kabut


Prof.Oleg Poliansky


Frantisek Drafi


Contributors to the dance progam


Jury President

Sandra Castro-Mühlbauer

Director of Ballet school TUTU Deluxe in Montreal

Ballet Jury & Masterclass lecturer

Mag. Oleksandr Maslyannikov

Ballettmeister and Choreograph

Masterclass lecturer

Zhao Yifei

Director of Liaoning ballet school

Ballet Jury

Mihail Sosnovschi

Soloist of the Wiener Staatsballet

Ballet Jury & Masterclass lecturer

Prof. Katharina Czernin

Professor of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna

Ballet Jury


Artistic Director of the Hungarian Dance Academy

Ballet Jury

Sawako Haruyama

Director of  Kyoto Competition

Ballet Jury

Ksenia Padalka

Character dance lecturer

Dir. Renato Zanella

Director of Choreo Center Europe

Ballet Jury

Park Jae Keun

Director of UNESCO International Dance Festival

Ballet Jury

Founder and Directors

Sophia Li   

Founder and Director


Prof. Evelyn Téri      

Artistic Director


Awards and prizes: Dance competition

Grand Prix: 3000 €


Category D1 – Dancers Professionals (Solo)
1. Prize: each 1500 €
2. Prize: each 1000 €
3. Prize: each 800 €

Category D2 – Dancers Professionals (Pas de Deux) 
Outstanding Pas des Deux award: 1600 €


Category B1 – Student Dancers Solo
1. Prize: each 500 €
2. Prize: each 300 €
3. Prize: each 200 €

B2 – Student Dancers Solo
1. Prize: each 600 €
2. Prize: each 400 €
3. Prize: each 300 €

Category C - Contemporary Dance Awards:
Special Award „outstanding choreography“: 1000 € Special Award „outstanding performance“: 800 € (Solo) -1500 € (Group); Special Award: 500 €

Category A – Private Schools & Amateurs, 8 - 24: Solo and Group
Prizes: Special prizes, certificates

Category E – Folk Dance
Special Award „outstanding choreography“:
Special Award „outstanding performance“

Additional awards by the jury:                   "Outstanding musicality", "outstanding talent", "Best school", "Best group". In Memorial: Karl Musil-Preis: Best Austrian young talent dancer.

Awards and prizes: Music competition

Grand Prix: 3000 €


Category C (13 to 15 years)
4. Prize: 500 €
5. Prize: 300 €
6. Prize: 200 €

Category A (up to 8)
1. Prize: 300 €
2. Prize: 200 €
3. Prize: 100 €

Category D (16 to 18 years)
1. Prize: 800 €
2. Prize: 500 €
3. Prize: 300 €

Additional awards by the jury:

"Outstanding talent"
"Outstanding performance"
"Best school", "Best group"

Category B (9 to 12  years)
1. Prize: 400 €
2. Prize: 300 €
3. Prize: 200 €

Category E (19 to 27 years)
1. Prize: 1000 €
2. Prize: 800 €
3. Prize: 500 €

Note: The jury is not obliged to hand over every prize. The Grand Prix and the first prizes cannot be shared. Changes reserved.



Greetings from the mayor

Vienna has an excellent international reputation as a city of art and culture. I am particularly delighted that the Vienna International Arts Festival (VIAF) is about to enrich our city’s wide cultural spectrum in summer this year. The comprehensive VIAF programme, ranging from workshops and seminars held by renowned music and dance experts to a charity gala event, allows young artists to hone their skills and present their talent to an international audience. The new festival is to become a hub for artistic and cultural exchange that promotes aspiring artists in various fields. With music and dance, Vienna can build one of the most beautiful bridges between Eastern and Western culture.

I wish you the best of success for the festival, and hope that the young artists will enjoy their time in Vienna – a time that may well have a lasting influence on their future lives and careers.

                                                          Dr. Michael Ludwig
                                         Mayor and Governor of Vienna